Monday, July 23, 2007

Why I Sometimes Shouldn't Be Allowed To Write

I was going to write about how much my job sucks, but I've just finished watching The Colbert Report...I'm most of the way through an overfilled glass of Merlot...and Kansas is rubbing my back. Suddenly can't seem to find the will to bitch about how I'm being told that the job that I've devoted several years and countless hours to is "unnecessary". Grrrrrr.

Hold on, I need to refill...

Have you had a Charleston Chew lately? Deeelightful, they are. I don't know exactly what nougat is...but like the invention of polyester...I welcome it wit
h open arms.

Usually I need to have something to look forward to to get through my days at work. Something big that I can only achieve by schlepping my sleepy ass to a place that prov
ides me with a paycheck every two weeks. Something like a vacation. My last vacation was to Morocco last October. Though that trip didn't turn out the way I was still incredible. It was also a useful exercise in discovering who I needed in my life and who I didn't. And, most importantly, it allowed me to put my saucy red Diesel sneakers to the ultimate test...the Sahara. They passed with flying colors. Well...the colors are a might dingier now...but you get the idea.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that what I think I've been missing from my life for the past several months is a new mission. A new vacation to work toward. And now I have one. In February Kansas and I are going to spend our 1-year anniversary traveling through the Cz
ech Republic, Hungary and Romania. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. But to be honest...the last time I traveled with someone, it didn't go over so well, so there is some nervousness there. Of course, if Kansas decides to leave me in the middle of Bucharest...well, let's just say he'd be going home with one less limb. And not one of the four you'd expect. a little carried away there. Damn corner store Merlot. But I tell you all this for a reason. I've been to the Czech Republic. Went when I was 17 and more concerned with drinking vodka in the square than seeing the sites, but, you know, I saw the major things. However, I've never been to Hungary or Romania. If anyone out there has and they know of anywhere I MUST see, or anywhere I MUST stay or any place I MUST MUST let me know. Lawd, I'm just SO dramatic.

Peace out bitches...I'm getting a cookie.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Sounds like you have a talent for pissing off your travelling companions.

This guy spent his childhood in Romania and now lives in America. Just mention my name to him and he'll bend over backwards for you.

Lord Milky spent a year in the Czech Republic and wrote about it in his blog.

Gorilla Bananas said...
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Gorilla Bananas said...

Link didn't work. Try again.

Macoosh said...

i also just reached for a cookie....a KARA COOKIE!!!! Kara, these are amazing! I was happily surprised when there was also chocolate in the oatmeal cookies!!! I figured i'd get no chocolate since i forwent the chocolate chip cookies...but these are amazing and I love them. I will have to keep myself in check; don't want to go all cookie monster and eat them all in one quick ravage...

as for charleston chews.....yum.

and what a great trip!!! i'll meet you in hungary. we can we won't be hungry in hungary.

wa-wahhhh....i think i should send the cookies back for that crappy joke..

Laura said...

Someday, I will post our UK/Ireland travel video on YouTube for all to see. As I'm sure you'd agree, it's the best travel video. Ever.

Those Charleston Chew thingies are tasty. Good thing I'm too poor to afford them right now.

Be sure to have some extra goulash in Hungary for me. Yum!

Kara said...

goranas - ACTUALLY...i don't usually HAVE traveling that was a first for me. but i will look into the links you sent, though i'd hate to request that someone bend over backwards for me...circus folk or not...such acrobatics can fuck a person up.

macoosh - yay! the cookies have arrived un-nibbled by leprechauns! and of course they have chocolate in them...raisins aren't meant for baked goods. i was afraid they wouldn't get there while still fresh...but microwaving them for a couple seconds should make them chewy and glorious.

waif - no one wants to see that video. no one.

Macoosh said...

they don't even need to be microwaved; they're delish! hooray for you!

apterix55 said...

If you had paid attention in Science class you would KNOW that nougat comes from the happy nougat mines in central China. First discovered during the Chew dynasty, nougat has been clamping shut the jaws of dissents and loyal citizens alike ever since.

Down with the Imperialist Running Dog Lackeys. Raise high your strong working arm for Nougat... the people's chewy thing, whatever.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Polyester is indeed a dream fabric. Needs no ironing and wears like iron, like a modern day suit-of-armour. I bet arrows are useless against its man-made fibrous genius. In fact, I bet it blunts the arrows of your foes and renders slings of outrageous fortune weak and laughable. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Polyester - God bless it and all who sail in it!

froelica said...

I love Charleston Chews. I think its best if we don't do too much research about what's in them though. I like to imagine they're hand-made in heaven.

Sarah said...

I wanna see the video.

And I'm totally jealous of your upcoming trip. I don't know what the hell goulash is, but it sounds awful. Eat some for me too.

Kara said...

sam - you've been missed! smooth insertion of the ol' Hamlet quote in there, m'lady. tell me exactly does one render a sling?

fro - i can go with long as all the candy makers in heaven washed their hands first. cause gross.

sarah - aren't we due for another luncheon? we'll go out for goulosh! and don't be too jealous. it's going to be freezing.

Orhan Kahn said...

You know you'rer always welcome to visit my Island Home of Oz. We actually share, circa 1997. You and your other half can stay with us or camp out or bunk in a cheap motel (cheap rates, quality stay) and I'll be your tour guide throughout Sydney, free of charge ('cept for all the beer you two are going to buy me!)

I'll be heading off to Folrida, this time next year. Thats kind of near Portland, right?

P.S. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, ftmfw! Always <3

Orhan Kahn said...

ftmftw = For The MotherFucking Win

ftw = For The Win

ftl = For The Lose

omgwtfbbq = Oh My God, What The Fuck, BBQ?

Just so we're clear ;)