Wednesday, July 18, 2007


For the second time I have been awarded the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. This time it was from Macoosh...the previous time from Thinker. You're supposed to then go and nominate 5 girl bloggers of your own and then you may display the award in your sidebar. Though I was very grateful for the award and the darling things that were said about me...I didn't like the idea of having to pick and choose people on my blog roll in a way that would leave anyone (with two X chromosomes) out. So...I have decided that I can ignore it no longer. The award is here...and it's going to stay. What I will do in return is list all the female bloggers on my sidebar and give them a tagline that will hopefully inspire you to check them out for yourselves...for as far as I'm concerned...they should all be able to display the award proudly and with a colorful background. My, but this paragraph has gotten lengthy.

Sweet Gherkins! - the Waif is my sister...and the co-host of the almost dead CondiCast.

Frogs' Legs Aren't Funny - the Future is my mum...and is the Queen of the Non Sequitur.

Blog This - Jen is my workmate...a fellow shoe whore with a certain type of voice that is only reserved for basketball games and loud neighbors.

Reflection of a Dream - Macoosh is living MY life and I want it back!

Diary of an Incomplete Woman - cousin to Macoosh...she has had her eyebrows removed via methods far more unnatural than tweezing.

The Constant Whiner - Jill whines a whole hell of a lot less than I do...but when she does...she usually has a better reason...and at some point, she's fixing me a drink.

Dogs Are My Life - Kendra is saving the world one puppy at a time.

What's a Blog? - These are Sarah's gems...and I'm not just referring to her children...oh no...there's so much more.

Open-faced Club Sandwich - Fro is a vegetarian who knows how to pick her battles...with killer whales and trolls.

Not Enough Time in the Day - There really isn't for Em, as her days tend to exhaust me second hand.

Susie Q's To Dos - Sue and her completely unique outlook on life surprises me every a jack in the box but less scary.

Theory of Thought - If I knew then what she knows now at the age I was then...well I would've been a lot more like the Thinker...but I wasn' that makes her special.

This is You Reading About Me...or Not - YinYang is the perfect balance of herself...seriously, see for yourself.

The Problem-child Bride - Sam lives in her own fantastical world...and sometimes she lets you in for a visit...if you're very very lucky.

Sheep in Trees - Nic and the Short do NOT live in a previously thought...but that doesn't matter because she's got it all figured out, you know?

Phosgraphis - This woman is not afraid to say what she feels and act on what she believes.

Rock on.

12 keep(s) me blogging:

Macoosh said...

nah nah nah na-nah nah, you ca-an't have it!!!

mwa ha ha i stole your life.

it's mine. MINE!!!

....i'm out of evil sayings...

Susie Q said...

Jack in the boxes ARE scary! What demented soul came up with that device and called it a toy?

Oh, and thanks for the mention... 'twas very sweet.
Love you too!

Devon said...


Kara said...

macoosh - yeah...there aren't as many as one would think there should be. maybe we should invent some.

sue - someone who had a very disturbing childhood that i hope is documented in a book and/or tv movie somewhere.

devina - do you have a new post? huh? do you? hmmm...let's see.

yinyang said...

Well, now, you just gave me my second one... which is completely surprising. I'm touched, really.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout out! Holla! (I am so not street)

AxAtlas said...

I don't know why but this entry reminds me of watching The Spice Girls' performance with backup singers on SNL...wait...I think they always performed with backup singers.

Macoosh said...

how about....



i'm too tired. and perhaps not evil enough. you come up with some.

Devon said...

im over the whole blogging thing. takes too much work. it's much easier to just occasionally give you a hard time on your blog.

jeff buckley is over rated by the way.

nic said...

I'm honored, Kara, thank you!

Now if I can just find a cure for apprehension, goosebumps, and other terrible diseases, I would be famous for having it all figured out...

Orhan Kahn said...

You couldn't for one moment pretend I was female blogger?! For shame. After all the abuse I've suffered at your finger tips and the not even a gaddamn mention.

I want a refund!

froelica said...

*really late on the uptake*
YAY! I got mentioned!