Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pics I've Been Meaning to Post

My lovely new shoes that the waif got me in It'ly. I wish it would stop raining so I could wear them. Or maybe I should just move to It'ly. Yeah, that's a better idea.
My bad ass bike. It's tiny. Like...for a tiny person. And the front wheel is smaller than the back, so people tell me it's funny-looking. Then I run over them.
My dinosaur eyeball bell. When I ring this bad boy...bitches better move.
The cut I got on Friday morning when I tried to shave my legs. This is what I get for trying to be a decent woman. I mean, most women allow themselves to turn into Sasquatch once Fall hits. I've vowed to not be one of those women, and look what I get for my trouble. It effing hurt, too. I think I severed an artery or something.
That's all I have for the moment. I mean, I'm sure I have things to say about stuff and I know I've been meaning to post the pictures from Drink for the Cure II...but I don't feel that I have the energy to do it today. Today I only have the energy to post these...go work out...bathe (again)...change...and meet the Crew for some hipster watching and libations. I love me some Saturday night.

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thethinker said...

At least you wear cool band-aids.

I have these really lame Spongebob Squarepants band-aids because my mom can't buy those tan-ish colored ones like everybody else.

yinyang said...

I was gonna comment on the band-aid, too, but since I got beat to the punch I'll just say that I'm jealous of your dinosaur bell. Despite the fact that thinking about riding bikes on streets scares me, and so I'll probably never do it, I still want your bell.

nic said...


And I love you bike so much. It rocks. I have an old Nishiki. People tell me it looks funny because it's all 1984. But at least it was awesome then.

phosgraphis said...

I am so jealous of your shoes. That, and the fact that they came from Italy. Yeah.

I want your shoes. I covet your shoes.

I think you get the point.

The Future said...

As long as you don't mix the shoes with the bike, I think you'll be fine. Or if you do, you not only ruin the shoes, you'll probably also need a much bigger band-aid.

apterix55 said...

That's my "material girl"!!

Orhan Kahn said...

This is what I get for trying to be a decent woman.

Dear God, no!

AxAtlas said...

Subtract your words and the pics can tell this story:

Kara wore these shoes.
She rode her bike in these shoes.
When she rode, she lost her eyeball.
This led to her gettin' a bandaid.

Rachel said...

Enough words cannot be said about those shoes. Those shoes will drive women to murder. They're dangerous. They're beautiful. Those are the royalty of shoes. They should be locked up in a quadruple-glass cage, magnetic sensors tied to alarms, and a full cohort of gaurds to monitor all gazer-ons. These shoes are more priceless than the fool Hope Diamond.

Oh, my sympathies for the papercut on your leg.

Jill said...

Have you been trying to shave with that meat cleaver again?

Kara said...

i love that almost everyone liked something different in this post. it makes all the randomness worthwhile.

and nic - mine is from '87 or '88, so, you know, vintage is so hot right now.

and jill - yes. i always get confused about what is a kitchen utensil and what is a bathroom utensil. this says alot about my domestic skills.

Jahooni said...

Love the shoes... they will go well with the BatMan band-aid!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I've got nothing against hairy legs, of course, but what about waxing and ripping? Get it over quickly and cuss like a trooper. Isn't that more your style?

Kara said...

jahooni - i KNOW huh? accessories are glorious AND functional.

goranas - hairy legs itch like fuck. i can't stand it when it pokes out of my tights too, so i shave. i tried waxing once and i sucked at it. for all the pain it caused, i couldn't seem to catch enough hair with each rip. not worth it.

Laura said...

Get this people: Those shoes? Just $16 euros. I kid you not. You were expecting $80, $90, $100? Nuh uh. Makes the flight to Italy worth it right there, don't it?

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

That's shoe gorgeousness. These shoes were clearly meant for me.

So why do you have them?????????? Eh? Eh?


Cool dinosaur eyeball bike bell thingy, by the way. Wait.....!

Nope, I'm pretty sure I've never said that to anyone else before.