Thursday, October 11, 2007

This Gave Me A Chortle


In reference to the plans we had the following day of visiting our friend (Sarah) who has just given birth to a lovely little girl...

Amy: Ok, I'll pick you up from the MAX (train) stop.
Me: Cool. I have to stop and get her flowers.
Amy: Don't get flowers.
Me: I have to! You have a baby, you get flowers!
Amy: But flowers are such a waste of money!
Me: Yeah, are babies.
Amy: ... true.

We should never be parents.

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Susie Q said...

You guys can't fool me, you both would make marvelous mommies and you know it.
Geez, Amy and you have put up with much chaos at the hands of my grandchildren and lived to tell about it.

Holy Smokes, your adoration of little Becks is proof enough.

Oh and isn't Kate just about perfect?

Sarah said...

They aren't a WASTE of money that is. Flowers are a waste of money, but they are pretty. You guys did the right thing. Skip the flowers and bring me food and wine. Thanks again! That was alot of fun. We shall do it again soon.

apterix55 said...

Avoid the flowers, name your kid Rose, or Daisy, or Violet, or Fern, or...

Laura said...

The ultimate waste of money = posters of babies dressed up as flowers. I hate Anne Geddes. She and Thomas Kinkade should be drowned in a vat of frosting and corn syrup.

The Future said...

Present company excepted of course.

Gorilla Bananas said...

You need to have babies, Missy. My animal instincts can smell your fertility. I'll make a donation to your baby fund. Cash, I mean, not sperm.

Rachel said...

I'd rather have flowers.
Flowers at least have the decency to die quietly when I'm done with them.
Babies are so noisy. And they spit up a lot.
And make stinky diapers. And if I ever squeezed one out, I wouldn't be allowed to say, "okay, I'm done with this bullshit. Go away, kid."

Thanks, but no thanks. ;)

Amber said...

That is true about The Holiday.

I think my favorite posts of yours are when you post conversations you have. Well, actually pretty much every post. But whatever.

It always makes me laugh.

Kara said...

oh my gawd, just about slayed me with that one.

froelica said...

You know guys, its not like every woman needs to have kids... Babymaking isn't for everyone.
Exhibit A: Britney Spears.

(not that I'm comparing you two to ol' Brit)

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Babies are a little like adjustable rate mortgages in terms of planned expenditure.

What am I talking about? I've just being sewing which is unlike me, and now it's made me go all weird on myself. I wouldn't sit next to me on public transport.

Been having fun catching up on the stuff I missed.

Orhan Kahn said...

I will have to kill any children you consider having.. yes, I said consider having, which means I will have to kill you before conception. Is that the word I'm looking for, conception? Doesn't sound right.

nic said...

You know, after having the short, my friends sent me a big fish bowl looking globe vase full of yellow dasies. And in the middle of freakin hell-on-earth snow covered nightmare winter michigan, I have to say it was about the prettiest thing I had ever seen. All through labor/delivery/and the day after, all I could hear was the Dave Matthews Band sing, "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we'll die..."

Although wine and food would also have been an amazing alternative.

The short isn't that bad. I like it when he gives me small warm hugs and when he rests his head on my shoulder when he lets me carry him.

Kara said... was just a conversation, people. no need to get all commenty about it. oh wait.