Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So I want to post an I SAW U ad for:

The Guy on the MAX (train) at 5PM wearing iPod earbuds. I'm the Blond Chick also wearing iPod earbuds. You're hot...let's get an alcoholic beverage and imbibe it together.

And see how many responses I get.

Yes, I've joined the iPod clan. I used to spend my bus rides home counting the people with them and then imagining what they had to go without for a month in order to afford the outrageous extravagence that an iPod is. That's before I got one.

In my defense...I didn't really get one. I stole it from my mother. And in my defense again, I stole it with her permission, so it's not legitimate theft. And in her defense...she had this gorgeous new video iPod that she NEVER used and she understood that this is a crime against nature/humanity/electronics and that it needed to go to a good home where it would be loved and made to feel useful.

I provided that home. And now the bus crazies have to breach a wall of Interpol and Nina Simone to get to me. So far it has been inpenetrable. Yes, I just wanted an excuse to use that word.

Anyway, I rode the train to see Babel with Amy g. I'm conflicted over wheither or not to give this film a good review, because there was one story element that didn't seem to fit and it bugged. However, the scenes from Morocco are incredible and the places that they filmed are many of the places I saw. Ironically, one of the things we discussed from our Sahara Excursions van was how much it would suck if anyone needed a hospital out there. And then they went and made a movie about it. I am an idea generating MACHINE!

On the train I saw the most beautiful man I've ever encountered. I wanted to bite his lower lip. There were two problems with this. 1. I'm sure he'd take issue if I approached him and bit his lower lip being that I'm a stranger and all. 2. He wasn't actually on the train. He was on the bus that pulled up next to the train. Bitter bitter fate.

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Jen said...

I think you ought to post such an ad; what else have you got going on? And the fact that you got a Pod without paying for it makes me want to beat you within an inch of your life... where's my magically paid for Pod? I know where... still in the effing case at Best Buy. You kids and your free rides...

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of couple lead off insults to throw at the guy. Him being so beautiful and all, I wouldn't want to hear you've deviated from your tried and true game plan.

Second, ipods (and other various barriers between me and human interaction) are just super. Because seriously, who wants to talk to strangers. It's bad enough that one should have to sit beside them and in some case actually TOUCH them. EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!

The only down side is occasionally the driver will have something important to say like "brace yourself, we're about to jack-knife" or "hey, who likes show tunes?" You will, unfortunatly miss out.

I was usually the guy on the bus who was sound asleep and drooling so I missed those things anyway.

d said...

so here's what i...

oh boy. i was gonna comment, but just realized that i smell. i'm going to go take a shower instead.

i think it's just better for everyone that way.

d said...

and another thing!!

do the word verification things need to be so long? mine are always like 8-10 letters. what's wrong with three or four?

who wants to sign a petition? who wants to keep track of the signatures? 'cause i'm not. i'm just the idea guy.

The Future said...

First off, it's only on loan, it hasn't been given away forever. I need to make time for it and haven't had any. I'd prefer to listen to John Stewart while I'm responding to you rather than listening to the same CD's over and over. I know, thousands and thousands of songs, ok, bad excuse. But seriously, I will use it eventually, you do not get to keep it forever, sorry to say. The only part of The Daily Show that is difficult is watching the Bush cameos, gag, gag. To quote, John, who is this guy and what has he done with the President of the United States? Gee, I wonder if I'll run into him back there, boy, that could ruin a vacation rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That was ME on the MAX! That was you?

Niall said...

When did it never not work? It's not as though it ever broke down at any stage.

The only way to find him is to go on every single bus journey wherever you live and look out for those ear phones. When you find him, you can go over and become ear phone buddies, and you could say that you ride that bus every day, or something at which time ye'll be promoted to seat buddies. Ohhh, the romance. Then there'll be an awkward silence which you'll have to break by biting the aforementioned lower lip. I'm still not sure if that's such a good idea in the long run, though, but it could become 'yer little joke', or something.

Anonymous said...

i hate when that happens lol. you see the perfect man and he's on the other side of the glass...sigh...

lol. i love my ipod video enjoy yours!


sarah said...

Kara, rest at ease. He was probably gay.

AxAtlas said...

So you're one of those people who posts stuff like this on the Internet!!!
A guy, you think might be a guy, with iPod headphones on the MAX during rush, you really narrowed it down.
Oh and thanks for your last comment on my blog. It just shines.

Mycaelus said...

I saw someone on a bus once.

I also saw this really beautiful woman at Tim Horton's today, which was cool. But I was leaving and couldn't stop to say hello. Too bad!

Kara said...

everyone - first of all...there was no particular guy i was posting this was just a social experiment to see if anyone answered. only one person did. and he was sad.

jen - no free ride...someday i have to give it back

devon - since the beautiful man was on the bus and i was on the MAX, i didn't have to worry about what i'd say

d - you will forever be known as the "one minute shower" guy

future - yeah yeah yeah

niall - i'm too lazy. gonna go have a cocktail instead

macoosh - yeah well, he's probably married to a super model anyway. they all are

sarah - i can convert him, damnit!

ax - i've never posted one before, but i always thought it would be funny. it's not that funny.

mycaelus - excuses excuses. if she's in the same goddamn room with you, you MUST say hello! unless you're wearing THOSE pants. You know.

Orhan Kahn said...

I stole it from my mother. And in my defense again, I stole it with her permission, so it's not legitimate theft.

You classic!

Anonymous said...

How can you handle the extra voices in your head? I will NEVER acquire an iPod- I like my voices.