Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm a Big Fat Cow

LOOK AT THAT FACE. Not mine. His. Have you ever seen such a chubalub? That child is TWO MONTHS old. He's giant. And he looks guilty he stole and ate the entire turkey. He didn't, but he CAN pretty much hold his head up for several seconds. I know. It's exciting.

So other than monopolizing my new nephew, the only thing I did on Thanksgiving was eat non-stop. Literally. And then I took some home with me and ate it there. I'm a big fat cow. And then the rest of the weekend I ate more. Why? Because I could. Eating is a social thing to do...and I'm a social girl. Remeber that weight I lost in Morocco? Yeah. Back with a vengeance. I blame the pilgrims. Smallpox and obesity, that's what they to be thanked for. Jerks.

So people who don't post the weekend are lame. I can say this now because it's Sunday night and I'm posting. I don't usually do this. Yes, I bordered on lame. Teetered, if you will. But I'm ok now. Thanks for asking. But there's some serious TV to go watch so I'll be off now. We had a Robert Altman-a-thon at the res last night. It was exhausting. The only way to recoup is with a little Family Guy, you know?

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Anonymous said...

I've tried to watch Family Guy this past month. Honestly I have. I've seen every episode that was shown in November. And while there are a few things here and there that make me laugh heartily, the majority of it is's Sadly, it's not a show that I feel compelled to discuss at work with people, and it seems like it should be.

AxAtlas said...

cute kid.
i know how you feel on the eating nonstop dealio...i suggest walkin' with a cane to feel more comfy with the extra, you will look cooler, struttin' around and...okey,'re not a "big fat cow".

Laura said...

That's my chubablub! Yep, I be one proud mama. Those cheeks make up for all the nights he doesn't sleep, which is pretty much every night. Good thing he's so cute.

And you are not a fat cow. You are neither of those things, in fact -- fat or a cow. You've got a lot more eating/surgery to do before that becomes a true statement.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the holidays wonderful? We get to spend time with our nephews and then hand them off to their rightful owner when the diaper needs to be changed.

Kara said...

Kevbo - Well, Kev, I'm sorry to hear this. You may as well just end it all now.

ax - oooh, a cane. I want one with an eagle head on it. Out of gold. With diamonds. And snakeskin.

Laura - don't worry, the lack of sleep makes conversing with you hilarious. PS: Yes, I'll have dinner over there this week. How's friday?

Kendra - he's two months old and I've not had to change a diaper yet! I'm gonna try and make it til he's potty trained.

The Future said...

I get to see baby boy today, he's going to come help us decorate the house. Actually, he may impede decorations more than help it. If you get here I'll feed you and contribute to your dilemma. Exercise is only a bicycle away, if only you had one.