Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Don't Go To Post Angry

Fucking men. No I don't mean that as a verb. Sod them all. If they don't turn out to be creepy then they just turn out fucked up. You change plans on them and they become wounded puppies, but they change plans on YOU...then it's followed with the requisite "So are you angry now or what?". Well, I wasn't until you decided to act like an ASSHOLE.

What is it with double standards? Why is it so hard to act as you expect other people to act? I'm guilty of them, I'll totally admit that, but at least I can recognize it. If I call a guy out on his double standard, then the defensive missiles strike. That's a stupid analogy, no one use it. The BULLSHIT of it all is...when the wounded puppy surfaces, my goddamn nurturing instinct, that I wish I could have surgically removed, flares up and I try to soothe THEM! And when the tables are turned, yep, all I get is "So are you angry now?". If I knew how to spell the sound of an outraged growl, it would go just here.

Oh, and the actor turned out to be creepy. That's what that reference was.

Ugh, I'm too angry to even find an appropriate picture for this post. Maybe later when the seething subsides.

*update: regardless of all amusing and poignant comments, I still seem to be quite annoyed with menfolk as a whole...but I couldn't leave this post pictureless...and so I give you The Wounded Puppy (only because the scalpel image wouldn't upload)

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Niall said...

Wow! First poster. Might I recommend this picture for the post (Don't forget to scribble out the face!) This picture!!

d said...

*weeping* oh god - it's true! it's all true!

oh wait... only part of it's true.

nope. read it again. all true.

and yet we still manage to get women. or some men do. so i've heard.

Laura said...

Lesson to be learned here: when you split with an ex, make it a clean break. Don't go chummy with them, it only makes them more irritating and the situation more messy down the line. Clean breaks are just that, cleaner. Just some friendly advice from your resident professional relationship counselor and expert. Ok, I'm not really a relationship counselor and expert, but I play one on TV. Ok, not really, but I own a TV. And dats da truf.

Laura said...

Down with wounded devil puppies!

Niall said...

I agree. I liked that green angry man more. Whose with me?? MUTANY AGAINST KARA

Jen said...

Pretty puppy, nice puppy. I'll take a puppy over a fucking man any day of the week. I say that whilst longing for Prince Charming to ride up in his pristeen '65 Mustang, holding that 3 carat flawless diamond ring out the window for my delicate little hand. Shoot me now.

Thérèse said...

You know, the part that gets me is that so often, I'm not angry at all until I'm accused of being angry, then my annoyance turns from annoyance to Ultimate Supreme Annoyance, then, when that's questioned, and questioned, and questioned again it becomes blinding rage.

Then of course they act more assholish.


Anonymous said...

Find men who play the banjo. It has to be 5-string, no "Dixieland" 4-string Tenor banjo players; they are the equavilent of those Shriners who drive the little cars in the Rose parade.

Five string banjo; clawhammer, Skruggs, frailing... it doesn't matter. Find the guy who plays the banjo and reject all the rest. Be skeptical if they ALSO play guitar.. they are cross-overs and not reliable. Banjo purists - all the rest will fall in place.

(Yay, I'm caught up!!)