Friday, August 11, 2006

I Lust After October

Can anyone really lust after a month? Well, if not, I shall be the first! It's all I think about, it's all I want. I wait by the calendar for it to arrive. I plan for it, I work towards it, I buy clothes and shoes for it. It's just like dating!

So what happens in October...exactly two months from last Tuesday??? MY VACATION! First real one I've had in two mothaeffin' years! I'm going to sling on a backpack that is just slightly shorter than myself, grab my matronly Dansko sandals, my almost-dead jeans, some wet wipes, a hat, and my passport, and maybe a book, I haven't decided yet, and I'm going to MOROCCO.

I'm going to ride a camel, and buy pointy shoes, and watch other people smoke on a hookah while I sing White Rabbit, and learn to say something fantastic in Arabic...maybe the word "fantastic".
Two months is like the home stretch. I have four more pay periods...two more PTO accruals...2 more rent checks...I haven't counted actual days left of work because I'm not a dork, but if someone did it for me, I would refrain from mocking them.

I have to stop talking about it because I feel the excitement bubbling up...though that could just mean I'm hungry. I might even blog whilst I'm there...who even knows. Though, I've used French keyboards before and I don't enjoy feeling like an old person learning how to use the computer for the first time. I'll send updates through dromedary post.

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Jen said...

What's a French keyboard like? When you type "the" does it come out "ze"? I don't get it. I am glad however that you'll be going on a vacation, but I want you to watch your back, and your front, don't accept drinks from strange men, don't try to hug a camel, and don't get Kara-napped because I so don't have the money to buy you out of white slavery...

Laura said...

I ditto Jen's comment.

Beware especially of camels. They can be shifty, violent creatures. They have the ability to regurgitate their stomachs, you know. I saw one do it once, walking around with it's stomach hanging out of its mouth. Needless to say, not a pretty site.

Devon said...

Every time someone I know travels out of the country I feel I am owed some cool artifact from where ever they are going. So... with that in mind, I would like one of the following:

1. a genie. any will do but preferably a hot one with blond hair and a skimpy outfit. Don’t worry; i will use my 3rd wish to set her free.

2. a fez. those Moroccans have got to have some sweet fezzes (fezii?), and I really think I could pull that look off.

3. a monkey. I'm starting a "monkeys of the world" collection and it would look great in between the South African spider monkey i got last winter and Peter Tork in my living room.

d said...

i lust after months all the time. and it's typically september and october. september because i love september weather. and october because it's usually when i take my vacation too. but enough about me. actually, no. i retract everything i've said.

if you'd like help with arabic before you go, i may.... oh crap. jehovah witnesses! and i think they saw me.

Niall said...

I don't think I've ever lusted a month ... that's pure and simply weird! Lust - a strong sexual desire. Hmmm, towards a month, a region of time,. that's not physical or philosophically real ... seems kind of weird. You should talk to that med student/doctor kind of person about that.

But, try to get a genie! I assume you've seen Aladdin, right?

Kara said...

jen - french keyboards are all sort of effed up...that's all i can say

laura - you've seen a camel exactly once...shut it

devina - YOU who used to call me "eurotrash" want me to get YOU something??? yeah, ok.

d - throw solid objects at them...they don't like that

niall - if you've never experienced lusting after a month then i suggest you don't try to analyze it...something might pop

Devon said...

Morocco isn't in Europe, so I claim immunity from that statement you allege I made.

Niall said...

I don't know. One can analyse something without actually experiencing it - they may of course be wrong, but they can still analyse it, right?

Just for practise's case, here's a layout of a french keyboard - Here. What would we do if you go to france and we wouldn't have any blogs to read??

Anonymous said...

...and don't forget to take SugarBear to Morocco. He is SO looking forward to it -