Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Rainy And Cold

Stupid Oregon.

I am of a foul disposition on this day. And I will cease and desist the Jane Austen speak from this moment on.

So I just read about the arrest of this Jeffs guy in The Vegas who was the head of a Mormon "fundamentalist" sect (you know, as opposed to the "mainstream") that still practices polygamy. Apparently he was arranging marriages for teenage girls to older men. Lovely. The whole concept of polygamy is disgusting (well, at least the way it's currently and historically practiced) . It's an "accepted" way for men to continuously trade-up without having to divorce. There's nothing spiritual about any of it...calling it part of the religion/culture is nothing more than justification. Empty empty justification. The same kind of justification I used to get that extra drink at happy hour last night. You know, 'cause I thought it just might give me shamanic visions. And I needed one cause there's never anything good on TV Monday nights. You see my point.

Anway, I'm trying to be a good girl and not battle my grump with retail therapy and/or booze therapy. But I'm going to a party tonight so I might not be able to help the latter. Oh, and did I mention I saw the Violent Femmes and Cake this last weekend for the first time ever? Rocked. The Femmes especially. Gray, portly and bald and they can still rock my socks off. I'd gone through a HUGE Femmes thing back in the late 90s. Since they haven't really done much since then...it kind of petered out. Logical, I suppose. Cake was fantastico as well...that lead singer guy makes me want to like beat poetry. Want.

And now I'm going to go get a chicken caesar wrap. Evil things. They look healthy. They taste healthy...they even
feel healthy. But they're not. They're slowly killing me with fattiness. I can feel it...coming in the air tonight...hold on. Oh god.

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Jen said...

Yes that "Uncle Warren" is a nasty bit of mormon fundmentalist DNA. Multiple marriage... preposterous. And why don't women ever marry more than one man? I'll tell you why, because one man is trouble enough. It would be like continually wrangling a large brood of large babies. Wife Kara, I have no clean socks, I want a sandwich, Jebadiah is picking on me!!! I hope you enjoy your wrap.

Amy said...

Mormon morons. I don't understand it. Joseph Smith Jr. was visited by an angel named Moroni who told him to find gold plates with the prophet on it but forbid him to show them to anyone... no joke. The angel's name has moron in it. The whole thing is tragic.

Laura said...

That was a fun concert. Well, except for the being almost 9 months pregnant and the venue being 90+ degrees with zero air circulation part. But I got my curly fries so it's all ok. And Cake and the Femmes were in fine voice. And the Decemberists singer was in a fine barbershop-striped blazer. It was all good.

As for mormons, well, I have nothing else to add except that reminds me...I still gotta get one of those "no solicitors" signs for the front door. Hopefully, that will serve double duty - keeping both mormons and the OSPIRG patchouli scent away.

Kevin said...

My first experience with the Femmes was back in 1983 when I first heard the song Add It Up. At 12 or 13 years old, I was filled with shock and awe that the word "fuck" was used in a song. I promptly asked my friend to make me a copy of that song and, using his dual tape-deck ghetto blaster, he did so. Later that night, I was listening to it in my room. I had the volume turned down really low because if my parents ever found out I was listening to such filthy language I be in troubbblleeee. Well, my mom decided to see what was going on in my room because I was being unusually quiet.

"What're you doing in here?"

And there I was, fumbling around, trying to stop the tape and muttering, "Nothing....ummmm.......nothing. Just...ummmmm....listening to some music."

Well, you can be sure that made her instantly suspicious and I had to play the song for her.

It resulted in a follow-up talk about S.E.X and how making love is something that isn't done lightly. It needs to be about committment. Apparently, she and my dad didn't think the song reinforced that message and I sat there helplessly as my dad unspooled the tape.


sarah said...

Mormons are freaky. I just got back from the Salt Lake City Mormon Mecca. It was like Dulac from Shrek. Everyone was really smiley. *Shudder*

b-diddy said...

in response to your comment left on my blog about scooters, the study *was* sortof skewed where they used old 2-stroke scooters. Also, someone's comment showed the government approved figures and scooters are of course the lowest.

Mine is a 4-stroke Vino and is waaaay better for the environment. Plus, 2-stroke engines are an old and dying technology. 4-stroke scooters will rule the streets. :)

Niall said...

How do you feel about bigamy?

apterix55 said...

No Lie.. This actually happened this LAST saturday: "DING DONG" I answer the door dripping with sweat after 45 minutes on the Nordic Track, wearing a ripped, wet stinking t-shirt. Two bare face kids in white shirts, black pants and "Hello Kitty" backbacks are on my property.

"Hi, I'm 'Elder' Dweeb and this is 'Elder' Elmo. We're here from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints"

"Yeah" I said, I can read that on your plastic name tags. You boys 'elder' enough to read the NO SOLICITORS sign on my door bell?

Mormon Dweebs: "Oh, we're not selling anything".

Me: "Yes you are, you're selling your CULT door to door."

Mormon Dweebs, slowly backing away from the door either due to either my increasing volume or my body odor (or both): "Can we answer any questions for you?"

Me: "Yeah, explain to me about the "white salimander".

Mormon Dweebs: "We have to be going now".

Me: "Wait, before you go, would you like the pamphlet the Jahovah's Witnesses left here LAST Saturday?"
So here's the deal. If Warren Jeffs gets acquitted we will know for sure that the USA as we know it is a shell and our democratic form of government is a puppet show manipulated by the Mormon church and the only hope you have is to move to Europe where they all "say" they are Catholic but don't go to church.