Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Little Life Lesson For You All

Never ever ever give your sister the login and password to your blog. She may SAY she's going to put up pretty pretty polka dots, and a swingin' new title with a disembodied head of hair...but what she'll REALLY do is post a picture of half of your 1985 head.

I mean, look at that eye. That's an evil eye, right there. That's the eye of a ne'er do well. I wouldn't trust that eye as far as I could throw it...and provided it wasn't still attached to her face, I could throw it pretty far.

Look at that smirk. Have you ever seen such a smirk? That's a shifty smirk if ever I've seen a shifty smirk in my life. If your sister looks this shifty, I'm telling you, be on your guard. 'Cause chances are she has an embarassing picture of you at age 5...and chances are she's going to use it in a mean mean globally impacting way. 'Cause she's shifty, and that's what shifty people do.

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Jen said...

That's your 1985 head? Odd, but whence your head is rent apart like that, you look a lot like Laura. Intriguing. Yeah, and you should talk about passwords. I have the Hoff on my blog now because of a password.

Justin said...

Lesson learned.

I have a friend with two younger sisters. One is a dark, dismal Goth girl with her own dark, dismal Goth blog. The other logged onto her blog and changed everything to frilly pink decorations and put a post about how nice the sun was and going to the mall to meet boys and getting a perm and so on and so on.

You had to see it.

Laura said...

Oh yeah??? So this is how it's gonna be, hmmm? You forget that I HAVE your login/password... and this, my dear, is officially WAR.

[insert evil maniacal cackle here]

d said...

some might say it's a cute picture.

AxAtlas said...

OHHHHHH sistas fighting. Nice! I'll be scorekeeper.
Laura = 1
Kara = 1
I expect to read a good clean fight. Anything goes! No holds barred!

Kara said...

jen - you got the lesson a little too late...and everyone wants the Hoff on their blog

justin - um, pink frills and sunshine...okay...but the perm part alone should be enough to cause a life-long sister-rift.

laura - yeah!

d - are you calling my sister cute? you better watch it, she's married and he's HUGE!

ax - i'm taking your obviously well worn copy of Rocky III away from you.

Laura said...

Kara, d is calling *your* photo cute, not mine. Which it is, you should be proud. And it's not like I posted the entire picture up there, you can barely tell what it is. No one would ever have known it was the top of your 5-year-old self's head if you hadn't blathered about it. And frankly, this is far less than what you did to me by bringing three solid pages of awful photocopied pictures of me from when I was a kid into work for all to see. Consider this a slight retribution for your much more heinous crime.

Kara said...

I only brought two.

d said...

is it too late for me to stay out of this?