Thursday, August 17, 2006

Only An Hour Left...But Our Minds Are Gone Already

[16:05] Jennifer: you read about Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson yet?
[16:05] kara: yes, the "supposed" brangelina scenario?
[16:06] Jennifer: it would be tough to be an actor, you'd always want to do someone else
[16:06] kara: well, especially when you're doing love scenes
[16:06] Jennifer: yup
[16:06] Jennifer : I'd do Owen
[16:07] kara: i'd SO do owen
[16:07] Jennifer: I'd do Owen a lot
[16:07] kara: not so much luke
[16:07] Jennifer: I know huh. And Owen has the effed up schnoz
[16:07] kara: yeah but luke looks like his face is swollen after widsom teeth extraction
[16:08] Jennifer: double wide
[16:08] kara: that shit's not hot
[16:08] kara: have you seen their brother andrew? he looks like a henchman
[16:08] kara: i don't do henchmen
[16:09] Jennifer: was he in Bottle Rocket? Maybe , but I don't remember what he looks like
[16:10] kara: yes, he was there. that's the only place i've seen him...henchman. and i think he was in a polo shirt, that might have something to do with it

At the conclusion of the extraordinarily deep conversation, I realized what a profound and illuminating existential dilemma Jen and I had stumbled upon. I began to wonder...just who does prefer Luke Wilson to his hotter brother Owen? And why is Owen hotter, he DOES have the effed up schnoz. And whatever happened to Andrew? We...I...need to delve deeper...I need to find an answer to these oh, so penetrating questions. me understand.


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Jen said...

Again I say, I'd do Owen. We so need to be sent back to the 5th grade, only if we did it in real time I'd be in the 5th grade and you would still be in your mammy's womb. So it would have to be a 5th grade where all times coexisted. I'd like to have known you in the 5th grade. You would have been so small, I could have easily beaten you up. But I wouldn't have.

Laura said...

The answer is in the question. Owen is not hotter despite his broken nose but because of it. It gives him that certain roguish je-ne-sais-quoi, that ne'er-do-well bad boy thang that women always fall for. Luke is the opposite, he's too teddy bear, goody two shoes-ish. It's no contest, really.

Devon said...

the world is ending... the words "je-ne-sais-quoi" and "thang" were used in the same sentence.

and for the record, i wouldn't do either. Not because of my lack of gayness, but becuase I only do asian men.

Niall said...

Personally I would rather do neither of them, but that's just personal taste etc. They just don't do it for me.

FreeCyprus said...

Interesting site.
Keep on bloggin in the free world.

-- FreeCyprus
Hellenic Reporter

AxAtlas said...

awwwww man! freecyprus beat me to it!

Anonymous said...

Laura is right. Scars and deformities rock! It lends to the fantasy that maybe they got them doing something cool like bear wrestling or something admirable like a habitat for humanity falling brick incident. I mean look at Joaquin Phoenix. Do you think he got that scar lip shaving?

Amy said...

Give me Luke any day. I like the goody-goody vibe, much better than the love 'em and leave 'em vibe Owen gives off.

Niall said...

I'm no film buff, right, and it was really early in the morning when I read the post, and I thought ye were talking about Luke Skywalker (I wisened up before I origionally posted though).

And Kara, I don't think you can get personal colors, sorry.

A chuisle said...

luke all the way. i just think he's much more interesting. owen gets annoying to me...but i do love him in wedding crashers...

L said...

i'd so do luke wilson over owen
don't know why
but i do think its owen's effed up nose - not a fan

Kara said...

To all of you who chose Luke...I have three words for you...My Super Ex-Girlfriend...Owen wins.