Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Canadians Make Better Music

This is why...because it's so freaking cold up there, they have to stay constantly moving to keep their limbs from getting frostbite...even inside. So they play music. They practice and practice all day long, wildly hitting the keys on the keyboard, or frantically strumming the guitar...or beating the hell out of their drums. They do this so often (it's winter 9 months out of the year up there, I totally saw so on TV this one time) that lo and behold, they become amazing musicians. And then they break off into bands. Bands like the band I saw last night. Bands like Wolf Parade. Best thing to come out of Montreal since...I don't really know what else has ever come out of Montreal.

I knew they were special when they showed up on stage drinking Rolling Rock. I often get teased for my love of Rolling Rock. Usually I blush and say "I'm an equal opportunity beer drinker!", but now I don't have to blush...I can lift up my head proudly and say "Wolf Parade drinks this nectar of life so SCREW YOUR FACE!". I'm looking forward to that.
The opener was a little alarming...some band called...well something about a Frog, I think. The lead singer was what the product would be if Jack Black, Meatloaf and Joe Cocker had a love child together. What? Science does magical could happen.

Toward the end of the show we moved toward the back, by the staircase...and I happened upon the most fabulously spastic dancer I've ever seen. She was like a clogger on crack. There was a little Tina Turner...and even more James Brown going on around the feet area, but her arms were all Flashdance. It was amazing. I'm still surprised she maintained an upright position the entire time...that's talent, my friends...talent.

Oh, and my bike didn't even get stolen so on the whole, I'd call the night a smashing success...thanks to our arctic Canadian friends, of course.

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Amy said...

Are you already drunk when you "blush and say 'I'm and equal opportunity beer drinker!'"?

A chuisle said...

fantastically true-this theory about canadian music. I encountered some wonders of the musicworld myself on prince edward island. however, I believe PEI natives have an additional reason...insane boredom.

it's painful up there, it really is.:)

-here in my mold navy clothes...:)

Laura said...

Jack Black, Meatloaf and Joe Cocker's love child? Quick, someone notify Bush! If that isn't the best argument ever for the approval of federal funding for stem cell research, then I just don't know what is.

AxAtlas said...

Rolling Rock??? Are you kidding me??? Yeah! Where eagles dare, Kara is always sooooo there!!! Whoa Kara is goin' reckless abandon at concerts! It's great to know that when you go out, you aim more towards hydration than inebriation.
And "SCREW YOUR FACE!"??? Are you referencing the Grateful Dead huh Hippie long stocking!?!?

Devon said...

Every once in a great while those canadians get lucky (I haven't bothered to listen to this "Wolf Parade" much, I seem to recall someone saying she was going to send me a CD of it) but i don't think I need to remind you of the folly that is usually canadian music.

...or maybe i do:
Alanis Morrisette
Avril Lavigne
Bryan Adams
Celine Dion
Bare Naked Fucking Ladies!!!!

That country is a musical disaster!

And by the way, Arcade Fire is from Montreal. Your Wolf Parade should consider themselves lucky to even be mentioned in the same blog response again, i haven't listened to wolf parade, i just enjoy raining on your (wolf) parade.

AxAtlas said...

Other good bands from Montreal (besides Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade):
Empire Lights
Young Galaxy
Sunday Sinners
The Dears

...oh and Kara rulez! She rawks! Go Kara! You're #1!

Devon said...

eh, she's ok

d said...

it's not that cold up here. well, some days. but not other days. i wish i could be more specific.

Mycaelus said...

It's not cold very often where I'm at, though being in the most southern part of Canada may have something to do with that.

Also, even though I live in Canada, I don't listen to Canadian artists very often. Perhaps the only Canadian band I listen to with any regularity is Rush. Excellent band.

But I will check out this Wolf Parade sometime in the near future. What type of music do they play, by the way?

Kara said...

amy - shut it

a chuisle - if you say PEI sounds like you called them "pee natives"...this amuses me

laura - i KNOW huh!

devina/axatlas - stop fighting...stop stop! let's all just agree that I'm # 1.

d - yes it is, i saw it on TV! ON TV! they don't make shit up

mycaelus - the response to 'd' applies to you too, with this one addiction...Wolf Parade is NOTHING like Rush. Think Modest Mouse with an organ.

Kara said...

ha ha...addition, not addiction. I need sleep.

AxAtlas said...

kara, if you're #1...then who's #2?

Laura said...

Kara is not a number, she is a free woman! MWAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA ha!

If you don't get the above reference, then you obviously haven't watched enough 70's British espionnage/sci-fi television programs and you need to get right on that.

d said...

ok. so maybe it is cold up here. how would i know? but let me say this, i was in NYC in january '04, and it was cold enough to start old people f%#king.

Kara said...

ax - great, now Laura's gonna be quoting that shit ALL day

laura - no more Prisoner references or I'll start buying your baby overall short sets

d - you know...I know you're older and everything...but you really don't need to censor the f-word...I think I can probably handle it...not the mental picture of old people fucking, that's enough to make me want to gauge out my own eyes...but the word itself is pretty safe.

d said...

some people are touchy about stuff like that. now i know. you're not one of 'em. ahem... fuckin' right!

AxAtlas said...

I fuckin' apologize for makin' your sis annoy you by quoting one of the most rad intros of any fuckin' show.
Oh yeah and fuckin' an A that you're bike didn't get stolen.