Friday, September 29, 2006

9 Days and Counting

Is that not the scootinest scooter that ever scooted the earth? You bet it is. Except it's not mine. But I will have one exactly like it...and soon as I learn how to drive it. I know I look all professional and shit there, but don't be fooled. It took me a long time to go forward.

It's Friday, 75 degrees and I have 9 days til I leave for Morocco and Law Student is coming up for the weekend, I had a good taco salad for lunch, the work day is slowing down and I'm rocking out to A.C. Newman on the ol' iTunes. These are good things.

Wait. Who is this positive person? I don't know her. And her head looks like a bubble in that helmet. She really shouldn't wear hats. Maybe someone needs to tell her these things. You know, someone objective and fashion savvy.

I want a scooter.

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INAMINI said...

Scooters are fun- you can share one with Law Student, and maybe a student in Morocco. P.S. You don't look like a bobble-head!

Anonymous said...

siiiiighhhhhh....... i want a scooter toooooooooo.....

and the link on my site is for a 30,000 person tomato fight in spain that happens every year

Devon said...

come on... who we kidding here? you're head does look like a bubble.

and i think you should have posted the picture of me telling you where the brake levers were and how they worked instead of this one.

p.s. i think it's important to have a name for your scooter. you need to come up with a name for mine and i will then come up with one for yours. then... we race!!!

apterix55 said...

You could name your scooter "Accident Waiting to Happen" or "Death on Tiny Wheels". How about "Looks like Barbie, cuts like a knife".

Remember on your 18th when I bought you a skydive? Looks dangerous but is really safe. Scooters are exactly the opposite.

It's OK to heed the advice of your elders in rare circumstances.

Kevin said...

Everytime I see someone scoot by on a scooter, I'm reminded of the British comedian Eddie Izzard. He has a stand-up routine DVD called Dress To Kill, and in it he talks about how cool the Italians over there in Italy are when they ride scooters. So, everytime someone scoots by, I always say "Ciao!"

There is no possible way I can describe why that is funny, so you'll just have to check out Eddie.

sarah said...

Eddie Izzard is hilarious. I especially love that he wears a kimono on stage.
Kara, I like the scooter. You look like you belong on a scooter. Only purple.

niall said...

I agree with Devon! You have to name your scooter. Anything inanimate which you own should have a name - guitars, scooters, (perhaps) cars. Anyone watch scrubs? Sasha?

I'm getting spammed again :(

AxAtlas said...

If you look at your pic upside down, it looks like you're trying to do yoga on the scooter.

Orhan Kahn said...

You look so cute on that sexy bike.

I want a scooter/Vespa also but I don't know anyone with one or anyone willing to teach me how to ride the freakin' things. They look so simple yet so complex.

slaghammer said...

You can’t go wrong with stylish cuffed jeans and primary colors. You are ready for prime time Pee-Wee’s Play House. In a good way I mean.

Kara said...

inamini - he's a tall tall man...he'd take up most of the scooter with legs alone.

a chuisle - portland has an annual pillow fight in the middle of the city. not quite the same, but cleaner.

devon - oh i can get you a want male or female?

apterix - dad, how many times do i have to tell you...I'm safer on this thing than i am on my bike! speed of traffic!

kevin - oh i know eddie izzard...CAKE OR DEATH!

sarah - then purple it shall be.

ax - whatever, punk

orhan - awww shucks. you need to just buy one. screw everyone else! you are your own vespa gang!

slag - stylish they may be...but cuffed they are because i have stumps for legs. and of course...a good way.

Niall said...


I can't believe I was left out of the post-sum-up when everyone else was included! I feel so excluded! I mean, before this experience, I generally thought I was well respected by people at large, but this blatant disregard of all things nearing a sense of morality ... this ... attack on my person ... it induces nothing but pain. PAIN, Kara.

Kara said...

I'm sooooooooooooo sorry, niall. There will be pain in my soul on your behalf til the end of time. That said, I do watch Scrubs on occasion, and I have no idea what you mean by "Sasha".

niall said...

Sasha is the name of his scooter that gets killed in a shoot-up after getting fixed at some menders or something! Here are a series of pointless links in relation to it -

Buy Sasha
Got a rating of Superb!

Meh. I think I might forgive your slip ... I'll come up with a price soon

Devon said...

female of course

The Future said...

Kara, I saw the perfect pink scooter for you on a corner right outside our luncheon establishment in Rome. Unfortunately I didn't have my scooter hot-wiring kit with me nor did have my secret scooter collapsing carry-on to get it back here inconspicuously. Sorry, I guess I failed you yet again.