Friday, September 01, 2006


Oh my gosh. I don't know what to say...I don't have a speech prepared.

Figures this would happen on a day where my most recent post was about sex toys.

There's so many people to thank. My sister for forcing me to blog almost daily at gunpoint. My neighbor the vampire, for keeping me up at night with his pacing (all literary brilliance comes from being overtired, didn't you know). God, just in case he DOES exist and I need something to fall back on. My tarty red shoes, 'cause I'm wearing them today. Oh, and ms. INAMINI because I KNOW it was YOU!

What the hell am I talking about??? I'm talking about THIS, my friends...I won an award for the Blog of the Day. Now I'm gonna get a swelled head and have diva fits if people's comments are too banal. I can see it all now.

13 keep(s) me blogging:

Laura said...

Now you've done it, BOTDA...her head has swollen to nearly twice its normal size already. But then so has the rest of her body. Must be those donuts she ate this morning. Too much praise + too many maple bars = miss fatty mcfathead.

Congrats, sis! You know I love ya!

Kevin said...

Holy Smokes!!!!! Girl, you so crazy. Congrats! They like you. They REALLY like you!

d said...

i've never heard of this "blog of the day awards" person, and quite frankly, it sounds made up. i've never won this award and my blog isn't nearly as good as yours.

ohhhhh. nevermind. congratulations.

Devon said...


Mycaelus said...

Wow, Kara. Blog of the day. I wish I could summon up the energy to be jealous.. but nope.


slaghammer said...

Wow, that's great. I thought it would be me this time. That's ok though, your blog is a really kick ass blog and judging by that stupid award, it's a lot better than mine. I'm gonna go out to the lawnmower shed and drink some Drano now.

Kara said...

laura - shut it, you hormonal hag!

kevin - they do because I give them candy and sexual favors

d - you know I dig your blog...I have no idea why...but I do

devon - that's it...I'm finding the sweater vest picture

mycaelus - it's friday, use all excess energy for drinking and shuffleboard playing

slaghammer - consider yourself lucky...some of us don't even have a lawnmower shed...or ever a lawnmower...or even a lawn

Amy said...

Weeeee! Maybe now that your head has swelled due to your big award, you can finally succeed at that treading water test that you continually fail.


INAMINI said...

Congratulations! I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Portland- so I will drink a Dutch beer in your honor. May I put you down as a link, or am I now just way below your status for you to want anyone to know that we write each other?

Niall said...

I think I should say Congrads, but I agree - it musta been fixed! Oh, I'm beating my spam!! I made a place so that if you're logged into your account, you can click to see the spam which I have filtered. Lets put it this way - My guest book for this month is 70KB, and my spam filter filters to another file, which has been open for 10 hours and is currently 17 KB ... perhaps I should win an award for 'Spammed site of the day' or soemthing.

apterix55 said...

Congratulations, you have achieved being awarded the Blog Emmys.

BTW, did I ever mention that I OWN the copyright to that picture of 4-year-old-Kara-with-the-sunglasses? Yes, well, fame does have it's price.. and my attorney will let you know the exact amount. - Ciao

Niall said...

Have you just stopped blogging since you got such a prestigious award?

Kara said...

amy - i failed again, didn't i...but this time it was because i was trying to hold a margarita

inamini - of course you may...and i'll do one for you as well

niall - to fight the spam you must kill it with kindness

apterix - can we settle this out of court? seems cruel to sue your daughter

niall - i have NOT