Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm Wearing Witchy Shoes Today

But sadly, none of you are in my office, so you can't see them. Well, Jen can...but they came from Jen so wuppity-freakin'-do to her seeing them.

I also made coffee cake for the second time in my life last night. Of course I fucked it up. "Teaspoon" shouldn't sound so fucking much like "Tablespoon". It should be "Teaspoon" and "Biggerspoon" or something. But I somehow saved it with a crapload of sugar in the end everyone liked it, so the world is safe once more.

I go through phases with my music tastes. I'm sure most people do. Usually during the summer I get all in the mood for my classic rock favorites...and to quote my father, "Or, as my generation likes to call it...'rock'" (I love that)...so when 75 degrees hits I drag out all my Floyd, Zepplin, Doors, Who...and most importantly...THE STONES. And then, as the weather cools, I tend to revert to my melancholy tastes...Radiohead, Portishead (you know...all the 'heads'), Elliot Smith, Leonard Cohen, Waits...you get the idea. Well, hold onto your socks, 'cause I've discovered The Raconteurs, Jack White's side project.

Now, I've been a HUGE White Stripes fan since day one (though I refused to pay $50 to see them when they came this year...SHAME ON THEM...don't they know how poor I am??). So of course I was digging the Steady as She Goes song on ze radio like all other red blooded American girls, but I could tell it would get old in time. But then...then I heard Broken Boy Soldier. If you've never heard it, you can do so here. It's so reminscent of golden era Led Zepplin that it's breath catching. In fact, much of the album has a classic rock sound to it, a la Allman Bros, etc...but with the glorious hard ass Jack White bit o' pizzaz!

Obviously I'm no sort of music critic. Everyone and their grandmother probably heard this album before I did. But this song...oh this song...it is elongating my summer. It makes me want to jump around with my hair flying and my arms above my head. And once I am in possession of said song...I may do just that.


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d said...

how 'bout "coffeespoon"

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 coffeespoons of other stuff

Amy said...

Why were you making a coffee cake? And no, we don't need to change teaspoons and tablespoons. Think of how confused all the poor old ladies in the world would be. It took them all their lives to keep them straight, you can't up and change it on them. For shame.

And at the risk of you actually bouncing around, arms flailing, hair flying uon listening to this song it will most definitely NOT be coming on the trip.


Niall said...

I really appreciate the capitalis(z for ye Americans)ation of the Led Zeppelin!! I'm impressed. The White Stripes were to play in a big Irish gig, but Jack broke his finger or something, so the gig was canceled

Kara said...

d - I'd never remember which one was tea and which was coffee...so we're back to square one

amy - i made some statement about baking...this guy at work latched onto the idea and wouldn't let up for like 6 months...then it was his birthday, so...

and yes it is! in 19 days!

niall - that crazy Jack...he'd be hot if he weren't so creepy.

and what's up with your site, boyo?

jebus i'm bored today...hence the fact that most of my post's comments are from myself.

Mycaelus said...

I like words. I have fun with them. So I liked it when you ended your post with a small tribute to words.

Or maybe you were just using it to sound cool? I do that sometimes.

apterix55 said...

So do you think that in 1789 they referred to Mozart's music as "classical" music? Hell NO! Sure it's OK NOW to call it "classical" b-e-c-a-u-s-e they are all dead.

I concede that it's a testament to the greying of OPB that we spent last Saturday night watching Pink Floyd's last concert during "pledge week". I could tell that Nancy was really grooving on the tunes because she turned out ALL the lights in the house - I'm talking complete darkness except for the TV. Thank God for pledge breaks anyway; there is NO WAY we could have made it through an entire concert without getting up and going to the bathroom anyway.

So Pink Floyd, and all the rest, is NOT "Classic Rock" because they are still alive... well, most of them anyway. I guess Floyd founder, Syd Barrett just died this last July at age 60. But they have to be dead, all of us, before you can call it "Classic Rock. So stop calling it that, stop it.. we're not all dead yet. It's just Rock, dammit.. It'll still be plane Rock when it's piped through the speakers in the ceiling of the nursing home. For the love of God it's just-Plane-Rock.

Mycaelus said...

Coincidentally, I'm listening to Led Zeppelin RIGHT NOW! Floyd and Doors were earlier. No Stones though. Too bad, eh?

The Future said...

So, when you were bored before you had a blog, what did you do? I still say this is addictive, fun but all-consuming. It's a good thing I can't do this at work. In my humble opinion, classic rock refers to the origins of rock music, differentiating itself from all later rock. The question is, where do you draw the line, 1971, 1972, you catch my drift.

sarah said...

Kara, changing the spoon thing would help you but not Emily. She confused Tbsp and cup. Yeah, those were some really bad cookies. Lots of baking soda.
On the music note, I agree with your father. Neener neener.

slaghammer said...

You are the second to last person to discover that album. I will be the last as soon as I take a hammer to this piece of shit hard drive and reinstall my operating system. I hope Michael Dell’s pathetic soul burns in the fiery pit of eternal damnation

Niall said...

It's down for exciting upgrades!!! Isn't it exciting, and I may even possibly put something on the whole restricted part of it, but I'm having bugs in it, so it'll be a wee while yet.

Niall said...

"Why are you verbally abusing your page?", heh, just noticed that there.

I wasn't verbally abusing it, I was just arguing with it because it was disagreeing with me. I've figured out what's the matter with it, so it's all good. It should be back upstairs later on today.

Thérèse said...


Kara said...

mycaelus - I like words too! We should form a club. I want to be treasurer!

apterix - I wonder if the Clash is now considered "classic punk"?
Oh, and don't worry, all us kids will pick you out a rockin' nursing home

future - your drift has gone out to sea.

sarah - are we really certain that anything can help Emily? You can answer truthfully, we're in the nest.

slag - once you're done with all that nonsense...you should tell me what you think of it. (the song, not the nonsense)

niall - heehee, the Irish boy said "wee while", that's so Peckinpahing cute.

therese - I knew you'd feel me.

Laura said...

How about "teaspoons" and "soupspoons" cause that's what tablespoons are anyway. Labeling them as such makes so much more sense. Why is it that I wasn't consulted when they were in the process of naming these things? I'm supposed to be consulted on every important decision in everyones' lives to ensure the correct choice is made in every instance. For example, if one were required to ask me if one could paint one's house bright blue with yellow trim, I would reply with "hell no," and thus the house down the street would not be the neighborhood eyesore it is today.

slaghammer said...

I ran my hard drive through the dishwasher & was finally able to pull up the Raconteurs. Shades of Zeppelin with a little Rush, Beatles, etc, showing up here and there. Very reminiscent of my old LP's boxed up in the back of my closet (no turntable).

Orhan Kahn said...

Teaspoon and Biggerspoon, I lol'd.

helen.STAR said...

the raconteurs are the best thing ever.
seeing them live for the second time in a few weeks!


(p.s: you don't know me)