Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm An Auntie!!!!!!

I got up at 5 AM and raced to the hospital, hair unwashed, night goggles on, clothes not matching...and then sat and did the Times crossword puzzle for 3 hours...and then HE arrived!

Look at that face! Look at it! Have you ever seen such a face? I don't think you have! That face came out of my sister and has been dubbed Beckett.

He's so flippin' cute. And I've already gotten him Jolly Roger t-shirts and shoes...so he'll be the coolest and most intimidating kid in baby yoga...and later...THE world!

That being said...childbirth is disgusting and I'm going to adopt.

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Devon said...

all at once now.... "AAAAWWWWWWWWW"

that first picture he's thinking "why the hell does your camera take so long to take a picture?" and the second "FUCK, bush got re-elected?! I couldn't have been born in the netherlands?"

way to go laura and spouse and kara for doing the crossword in unmatching clothes... what a trooper.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! i know you had so much to do with churning out such a cutie!!!

yay for babies!! especially cute ones!

Niall said...

Congrads!! I'm an uncle three times, if you'd believe it possible for someone so young as me, so be warned - the siblings don't take the fake 'I'll babysit whenever you want', lies as lies.

INAMINI said...

Congratulations! I think he looks a lot like his Tante Kara. Can you teach him to grow up like he was born in the Netherlands?

AxAtlas said...

Wow. You're right. He is adorable. Lil' dude will rule baby yoga...especially with the right gear of course.

Kevin said...

Aunt Kara! Are you gonna be all weird and eccentric like Auntie Mame?

Kendra said...

Congrats! I became an auntie in May. We get to spoil them and load them up with sugar and tell them about sex and dating and drugs and give them their first beer and have NO guilt because we are their auntie...not the mama.

Bart said...


Kara said...

devon - you must be a baby whisperer

a chuisle - well, it's all in the genes isn't it...and the fashion sense...which I am definitely helping with

niall - ah, see, with me, it isn't a lie. i miss teaching preschool a lot...so he'll be fun

inamini - you betcha! I'm on the hunt for wooden shoes forthwith!

ax - I TOLD you...and yes...it's all about the gear with kids these days

kevin - it's already in the works, poor kid

kendra - and they love us more than their parents for it! YES!

bart - thank you!!!!

Laura said...

I can say without reservation that he is the most amazing, sweetest, cutest little baby in the whole wide world and I'm not just saying that cause I'm his mama. Ok, maybe I'm a bit biased. He's lucky to have such a cool auntie though. She's always welcome to come change his dipees anytime she wants.

Amy said...

One phrase that you need to practice for you will use it often is, "He's broken. Take him back"

This comes in handy anytime they cry or poop... which is often.

That said, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL. He is beautiful.

slaghammer said...

There is nothing more fun than stirring the nieces & nephews into a cyclone of yelling, running around and tearing stuff up. Then you leave. It’s an old family tradition.

sarah said...

Congratulations! You will be a great aunt! (ok, I know you already are an aunt, but I don't know the other kids so they don't count. ok, they do but not to me.)
Laura- So happy for you guys. Good job, he's amazing!

Kieran said...

That's a baby that is, I've seen one before. They're a bit boring until they walk and talk, but after that they can do a lot of entertaining damage. The benefit of being an aunty is that you can just sit back and dip in to the chaos as when you feel like it.

Orhan Kahn said...

Such a beautiful child.

d said...

is it too late for me to comment? yes? oh. crap.

Kara said...

laura - let's just hope he doesn't get Ty's crappy sense of rhythm

amy - right now he just sleeps. he's really boring...but when I poke him he squeaks

slag - wow, our families sound similar

sarah - i know exactly what you're saying...we're connected like that

kieran - "dip into the chaos"??? my dear sir, i will be CAUSING the chaos.

orhan - thank you Orhan! You seem like the type of guy that knows beautiful when he sees beautiful

d - if you comment on how much you hate children i'll steal your chocolate. and share it with children. but not this one. he doesn't have teeth.

niall said...

Hey, you know who is really young? I mean, younger than me! Beckett!! You can make age jokes at him for YEARS!!

d said...

where did this perception of me hating children come from? some terribly misinformed village idiot who blows everything out of proportion is clearly spreading this rumour so please don't listen to them. there was one kid. ONE! and you would have hated it too.

i have two nephews who i think are fantastic people. i even talk to them occassionally. they don't seem to enjoy it, but still... i'm making an effort.

you wouldn't really steal my chocolate would you?

d said...

oh. and based on my word verification, i've decided to change my name to


or, let's just call it a nickname.

Kara said...

niall - yeah, but he won't get them, so what's the point?

ezscxe - a village idiot that goes by the name of 'd'. maybe you know him...you can spot him by the strange way he spells "rumor". anyway, i'm a giver so i promise to always share my chocolate with you...ezscxe, not that 'd' guy, whowever he is.

Oh, and my chum is going to a blazer game in a couple of weeks...so you'll eventually get a picture.

d said...

it's the canadian way - to spell words like colour and rumour and umm... several other words with a "u". i believe it's also the british way of spelling it too since we typically don't come up with anything original 'round here - we steal from other nations. we're a nation of theiving bastard children who get our kicks from taking original ideas from other countries and passing them off as our own. did you know that a canadian invented basketball? a canadian living in the U.S. using U.S. equipment and a peach basket. he cut a hole in the bottom of the basket because climbing up a ladder each time to get the ball out of the basket really slowed the game down. the janitor who he stole the peach basket from said, "but i need those baskets back." or so it goes in canadian lore.

so yeah... my point is, you're right. it's strange to spell rumour with a "u".

how come you're not going to the blazer game?

and "d" would never say that i hate children. i only hate some. your nephew looks very much like a normal (yet extraordinary) human being. not the second coming of lucifer like the one who used to live above me. so i'd probably like him.

Kara said...

ezscxe - that's such a myth. I don't go to the games because they're too expensive for such a sucky team. My friend goes for free by stringing a milquetoast ex along. I work with what I can.

He is extraordinary, isn't he...no one can yawn with that much passion when they're only an hour old. No one but him.

Hey, how was your party? Get your lawnchairs back? Sorry I missed it. Instead I got piss drunk in Seattle and now there's video footage of me dancing my ass off to Michael Jackson floating around on the internet. Devon is out of the will.

d said...

party was great. i turned that mutha out yo. but unfortunately, it was raining so i only got one lawn chair back. nobody else brought any for me to steal. but i guess that just means i'll have to throw another party. i'll try to send you your invite several weeks early.

now, where can i find that video footage? anyone?

The Future said...

You know what I love about your blog's comments, by the time I get to the end of the string, I have no idea what the subject was. They are the randomest!

Becket is the cutest/bestest baby - 15 votes

Not - 0

Late to the party - 1

Obviously the majority rules!

The Future said...

I can't believe I spelled his name wrong...bad typist, bad, bad, bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh a REAL aunt. I thought you meant you were brown and over forty.

Kendra said...

A quote from about.com:
"The University of Illinois Eye Center and other sources say a baby is born with eyes that are about 75% the size they eventually will reach by adulthood. But still other sources, including Prevent Blindness America, say a baby's eye size is about two-thirds the size of an adult eye by the age of six months. Considering how tiny a baby is, this is still a very large eye size."