Thursday, September 28, 2006

Does Drunk Dialing Count As A Relationship?

At one o'clock in this AM I received this phone call, hastily transcribed for you here (read as one long sentence for optimal understanding of drunkardness level):

Law Student:'s [Law Student]...I want to talk to you so badly but you know, I was playing around with the voicemail so it may not get to you, uhhhh, but at any rate I was thinking about comin' up from Friday and leaving on Sunday, should give me a call back uhhh, as you can hear [pause - lots of people noise in background] there's excitement all around...I'm excited to see you...we're all excited to see you, uhhh, so, at any rate give me a call back becauuuuse, you're beauuuuutiful, uh...yeah, I'll talk to you later, ok, bye.

Yeah, this is funny/sad for three reasons:

1. "we're all excited to see you" is odd because I don't know any of his friends...and as far as I know, none of them are coming up.

2. The message that I left for him last Saturday at 2 in the AM, when I was painfully vodka-laden at Devon and Kendra's Housewarming, had to have been ten times worse...but I can't remember it.

3. These middle of the night drunk dials are pretty much our only conversations when w
e don't actually see each other. And it amuses us both greatly. (In our own defense...they're usually conversations...not just voicemails)

So that's what it's like when we're apart. When we're together, it's flowers, and day trips and brunch like any other normal relationship (well, normal for other's like a relationship spa to me). But then agai
n...I don't even know if it's fair to call it a relationship. We haven't had "the talk". I know, I know, it's been months, shut up. We both kind of refuse to have it. You can do things like that when you live two hours apart.

In other news, Tokyo Rose died at the age of 90 in Chicago. They cleared her of the treason charge in the 70s, but the fact that the headline called her "Tokyo Rose" proves that stigma can literally follow you til you die. Remember that next time you call that smelly kid from the playground "Smelly Kid".

Anyway, I'm including the link to the article because people (especially people too young to know) should know that even the "greatest generation" was fille
d with a bunch of assholes. And it's pretty profound knowing that little has changed.

The story of Tokyo Rose.

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Jen said...

I would drown kittens for that pink phone.

INAMINI said...

Isn't it amazing that simply TRYING to demoralize American soldiers is considered treason? Not like Americans don't do anything immoral. And Bush says that Americans should be exempt from the International Rules of War and not be held responsible for any mistreatment of prisoners/civilians. Another symptom of being God.

AxAtlas said...

if you look at the telephone upside down, it looks like some person wearing pearls doing a headstand prep yoga position.

Orhan Kahn said...

Good ole drunken phone calls. They've gotten plenty into more trouble than they can handle. I am no exception.

d said...

i remember that time i was unjustly put in prison. i made a lot of new friends. so, you know... it wasn't all bad. and i didn't even have to become anyone's bitch.

i was like that guy in that movie about that thing. except we had different names.

Kara said...

jen - no you wouldn't. you can't even stop spoiling the one you have (kitten, not phone)

inamini - good becoming God communicable? have they come up with a vaccine? i don't want to catch, i don't want to catch!

ax - which is exactly why i chose it

orhan - that's the funny thing...these are the only times they DON'T get me in trouble. apparantly they're endearing and cute...who knew.

d - try to keep with the subject at hand...lord you're like child wandering into a conversation...oh no wait, that's Donny.

Devon said...

I didn't see you sneak out for a quick phone call... i would've tried to get that on video too. But alas, we'll just have to settle for the glorious video that has already been captured over at MY BLOG

slaghammer said...

Tokyo Rose was ok. Except she was always calling me late at night, drunk off her ass & saying weird shit about Roosevelt being gay and Americans soldiers being mamma’s boys. I finally just changed my phone number.

singleton said...

If you drunk dial each other faithfully,(as in randomly, but often) its a relationship! Enjoy!