Thursday, September 21, 2006

Psychiatry For Beginners

I have a pair of Harry Potter slipper socks. I've had them since college and I adore them. If you are not familiar with either Harry Potter nor slipper socks, you need to just end it all now because you're pathetic. Or for a less melodramatic them.

Last night was chilly and rainy...those elements together indicate that it is indeed time to bring out and put upon my person said slipper socks. I haven't worn them all summer. I went to wake them from their hibernation, but alas...I could only find one. The other has disappeared. What good is one Gryffindor insignia'd slipper sock without its mate? I do not prefer one foot over the other. Therefore, choosing which one to warm would be akin to Sophie's Choice (oy, will I get flack for
that one), and it's not one I was prepared to make. Not then...not ever.

So I tore the apartment apart looking for it (don't worry, it was pretty bad know...seasonal clothing change), but I couldn't find it. Not anywhere. I had to wear other socks. Normal socks.
And then, in the night, I had this dream:

I'm sitting on the plane, getting ready to head to Morocco. Amy S. is late. They're gonna close the gate. Suddenly she sits down next to me. And we take off.

Me: Where were you? I thought you were gonna miss the plane!

Amy: I had some last minute things to do.


Me: Ohmigod, I forgot pants!
Amy: What?

Me: I forgot to pack pants, I don't remember packing any pants! I don't have any pants!!!!

Amy: You have pants. I packed them for you.

Me: Oh...are you sure?

Amy: Yes

Me: Ohmigod...I didn't pack any clothes at all! I don't remember packing any clothes! I don't even think I have a bag!

Amy: Yes you do.

Me: I don't remember! I don't think I have any clothes!

Amy: Yes you do, I packed them for you.

Me: Oh. No wonder you were late. movie begins......

I wake up.


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Jen said...

Potter socks? Wow, the height of commercialism in your drawer. Well half the commercialism anyway. As for wacky dreams, I dreamed (dreamt?) that Fitzpatrick was a pharmacist helping me with my prescriptions. How's that for retarded?

Amy said...

Ahahaha! I always have that kind of dream before leaving for a trip. The only thing I have found that works to alleviate the panic is to pack a full week early. Then you have all week to remeber the stuff you forgot to pack, there's always one or two things.

And you better pack early because I will not accept the "but you packed for me in my dream" excuse for forgetting your pants.

They will know we are tourists for sure if you walk down the street in your knickers.

Mycaelus said...

Haha, Harry Potter socks.


...I gotta get me some of those.

Kara said...

jen and mycaelus - say it with me SLIPPER socks. totally different animal...they can never be worn with shoes (except wellies) and they have this great traction thingy on the bottom so you don't slide around when you walk on slidey surfaces. all of this you'd understand if you had some.

amy - you know I pack the night before. that's how I roll. and i have cute knickers, so it wouldn't be THAT bad.

Anonymous said...

don't EVER knock the necessity of slipper socks like you did in my comments!!! this post ROCKED and was quite entertaining. so THERE. :)

yay for good bloggers. yay for us!

AxAtlas said...

Do you also own a pair of Harry Potter snow shoes? Seems like you have traction issues.

slaghammer said...

There was no connection between the sock and the nightmare. In your dream, Morocco is your refrigerator. Amy S. is your anthropomorphized irritable bowel syndrome. I am assuming that you do have ABS. Your angry colon is clinched in fierce combat with your id. Your super ego’s initial attempt to moderate the id fails utterly and your base urges are free to frolic in the unregulated Phuktiard region of the brain. Your feelings of impotence are restored only after the object of your desire, the feed-bag, is no longer an option.
This is clearly a manifestation of failed potty training as a child.

apterix55 said...

Let me warn you, after age 55 that so-called "dream" becomes your every-day living reality.

Anyone with a rudimentary background in theoretical physics can tell you that your missing slipper sock is in the "Alternate Universe"... along with my crowbar, two screwdrivers and the chuck key to my drill. Here's what you do: throw away the remaining slipper sock (or buy a new pair) and the missing one will appear. Sound mathematical calculations exist which totally back this up.

I think Slaghammer's analysis of you is well conceived and certainly thought-provoking; I think he's on to you, actually. You should consider two options: 1) start dating him, or 2) have him killed.

BTW, I was able to easily deduce what a Slipper Sock is without resorting to either Google or the other alternative you suggested.

Niall said...

Was that you or some other random internet person who I've never met who didn't like Harry Potter? I remember you saying something about it on my website ...

If anyone's bored, here's a great game! Drag the Dot

Laura said...

Good thing you woke up right before the in-flight movie got going. It was probably Big Momma 2 and no one wants to hear that.

Kara said...

a chuisle - yay for us!!!

ax - that makes no sense at all. none. at all. really, none.

slag - though I'd like to stay that you've missed your calling...really my initial reaction to your interpretation just disturbs me and it might cause nightmares...which I will then ask you to interpret.

apterix - you're not making this "getting older" business any easier, dad.

niall - t'wasn't me. I love me some Harry Potter...the books, not the boy...cause that's just wrong.

laura - no silly...the movie would've been "Snakes on a Plane". have you had that baby yet?

Niall said...

Which LZ album would be your favorite? I was having a discussion the other last night with a friend of mine, and he things I and II suck.

Fixed that bug on my page with posting comments too.

AxAtlas said...

Miss Kara, you're in denial.