Monday, September 18, 2006

Drink for the Cure!!!!

First things first...Law Student came down for a suprise visit Friday night. Why is he so perfect? I can't deal with perfect. I'm going to fuck it up. I always do. You wait and see.

And now...a photo journal presentation of my Sunday activity...Drink for the Cure! (formerly known as Race for th
e Cure)

50,000 people showed up at 8 in the morning for this. Some even earlier. Since I don't do well with being up that early on a Sunday...or being up that early on a Sunday with thousands of soccer moms pushing strollers that have spikes that shoot out and pierce the skin upon impact...I created the idea of "Drink for the Cure" to get me through the day.

With me are my two partners in friend Marie...and my
opaque Crohns and Me water bottle filled
with some delightful vodka/Odwalla fruit juice creation. We met...gathered some swag...herded with the rest of the cattle to the start line...and we're off!

Look at all the people in front of us............................and behind us!

And yet, for some reason...we kept finding ourselves in these la
rge pockets of being almost no one wanted to walk next to us...I wonder if it had anything to do with the water bottle being half empty by that time...and an over-use of the word "fuck" and out-loud ponderings such as, "I wonder if that hot guy is old enough to drink?".

After we succeeded in curing breast cancer simply by walking for three miles...we were we went to the Doug Fir for sustinence to go with the booze with Amy and Danny...Amy also raced for the cure...but she did so with adidas...the enemy. Still...we like her.

We then went on to drink more, started a small dance party in Nordstrom...and watched a movie, in which I saw way more of Ben Affleck then I EVER NEED TO...followed by a heated debate over whether or not Adrian Brody is yummy...I vote 'nay'. That guy bugs...he constantly sounds like he has a cold...and you just KNOW he snores.

It was a good day...a very good day...what I remember of it...and you know, curing cancer and whatnot, kudos to us.

Silly little drunkards.

20 keep(s) me blogging:

Amy said...

I have to say I took a sip of your "cure"... and I liked it!

And yes the excessive use of eff would be the cause of your bubble on the race track.

Laura said...

Congratulations on such a successful disease-curing expedition, I expect you'll be receiving your Nobel prizes any day now. Ty and I had a similar "Breakfast for the Cure" experience at Helser's. I'm confident that with the brioche french toast I ate, I'll be coming up with the cure for colon cancer any day now.

macoosh said...

oh you know he's one of those snorers that just tempts you to suffocate them just to make it stop...

totally agree. :)

Devon said...

i hope you'll consider participating in my "Expose yourself to carcinogens to cure liver disease" bennefit. should be right up your alley.

Kara said...

amy - yeah...there was alot of jealousy on that sidewalk...I could feel it

laura - ok, well, once you make millions from that...remember me in the will

macoosh - and that's why you're cool

devon - I'm so there...I even have a trenchcoat...though it's black and fashionable, and not at all skeezy.

d said...

ok k2, i'm having a party next year at some point. and you're invited. with this much notice, i will expect you to attend... regardless of the creative excuses you come up with.

The Future said...

Adrian Brody is a sad sack but I don't know who is sadder, him or me having to look at him. It is nice when you can get such a kick out of yourselves for a good cause. What I want to know is how did you get your posts to post at the top of the page, mine didn't do that in fact I don't think anyone will even find my second one:(

Kara said...

d - Ok, d...I'm there. Though it's not really notice, because it IS possible that I could be busy "sometime next year". I have always wanted to road trip to Canada, though you're on the far east end...aren't you. Oh, and I don't have a car.

future - heriditary hatred of Adrien Brody...I loves it. Oh, and refresh your page, mum.

d said...

yeah... far east. but well worth the trip. we've got the highest tides in the world (you can walk on the ocean floor and just six hours later, kayak above the very same spot). we've got trees. and probably some other stuff. actually, it's all crap. but my party will be tolerable.

what if i send a car for you or a helicopter? or, you could fly half-way and i'll send a car for you for the other half so you still get the road trip part.

Kara said...

d - now I want to go on vacation. damn you.

does your country have trains? trains that cross the whole of the country? i'd be all about a train.

AxAtlas said...

i'm beginning to feel rebellious so i'll start with this comment: um, nice shoulder bag.

sarah said...

The odwalla/vodka WAS really good. 'Til next year. (or whenever I see you next). Out.

Mycaelus said...

I'm going to agree with your assessment of yourselves. You silly little drunkards.

Also, you look cute when you laugh. You should laugh with Law Student. He will enjoy it.

Kara said...

ax - why thank you, sir. some of us have taste

sarah - um...sooner i hope. jeez.

mycaelus - aw shucks...I think I look like a toad with unkept hair in that picture. but thank you for your compliment. oh, and I'll laugh more with law student when he moves the fuck out of BFE (if you don't know the term, seeing as you're foreign and's worth knowing)

d said...

indeed we do. they even go through the rocky mountains. and the train depot or station or thingy is less than a five minute walk from my house. but don't worry... i'll still send a car for you.

Kara said...

d - ok...i will totally train it to Canada next year for your party...but who's going to drive the car you send for me? do you have minions?

slaghammer said...

Such a glow of happiness. Philanthropy becomes you.

d said...

minions... bitches... crack-whores, butlers, whatever you want.

Kara said...

slag - it's that lovely glisten you get when you drink too much...and cure cancer

d - i'm not sure i deserve such VIP treatment.

Orhan Kahn said...

What an awesome idea. I love it.

Drink For The Cure, here I come.